How to Make Your Real Estate Listing Standout with Rila

At Rila, we want to help agents showcase not just a listing, but the full spectrum of value the property offers. Here are 5 things you can start doing today to get homeseekers to see the value of your listing by using Rila. 

Treat each post as a one-off pitch

The Now feed on Rila is one of the best ways for a property to get noticed. Think of each post as an elevator pitch for the property to someone who’s must-have is that ONE thing you’re posting about.

Share new perspectives daily

Everyone’s AHA moment is different. For example, you can start by posting about the curb appeal and overall architecture when you start. Highlight the tile mosaic floors the next day. Telling the story of the property in micro-moments will resonate with a wider audience of homeseekers.

Collaborate with creatives

Listings on Rila are social. That means you can invite your co-listing agent to add their walkthrough tour video, your drone pilot to add their flyover, or friends to help your listing resonate with homeseekers.

Become a trusted guide

Homeseekers use Rila to not just discover their next dream home, but to find others to help guide them. The Guide section of the app allows you to browse people who are actively looking for a home. If you suggest a home that fits them, you both get matched and can message eachother more info directly in Rila.

Stay Active

In the Near section of Rila. A map displays all the properties shared on Rila as well highlighting the most active Rila users and listings. By posting frequently and providing value to homeseekers with your insights, you and your listing have increased visibility – all without having to pay for ads.