Frequently Asked Questions.

The Basics.

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Is Rila® free?

Yes! Rila® can be downloaded for free in the App Store and create your agent or home seeker profile for free. 

How does Rila® work?

Create an account, follow markets you care about, and directly message who you want. All in the app.

Are Rila® users real agents?

Everything you see on Rila® has been shared from a real member of the Rila® community. However, for real estate agents, you’ll see a green check by the users who have a verified and active real estate license.

Is Rila® only available on iOS?

At this moment, yes. We are actively working on bringing Rila to everyone regardless of platform or device.

Can I use Rila® anywhere in the world?

Yes! Rila® is a global mobile real estate platform. However there are two things to remember.