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& Connect with Community.

Discover your dream home with the help of a community. Rila brings real estate professionals and community insights together to help anyone find their next home.

Say Goodbye to Search.

Traditionally, finding a home relied solely on the homeseeker actively searching for real estate listings. Worse, it relied on knowing what to search for. Rila allows you to discover the properties you didn’t even think to look for.


Rila’s community driven approach means that one property can be showcased with a spectrum of value propositions that allow homeseekers to better envision how the property fits their lifestyle needs.


In today’s fast-paced real estate market, answer’s can’t wait. Listings on Rila are community supported, so asking for additional information or a better photo of view from the kitchen can happen as easily as sending a text.

When You See an Agent, They've Earned it.

Agents don’t pay to post or advertise on Rila, so when you see their profile on a listing, it’s because they’ve earned it with their expertise.