Discover Homes With AI

Rila Launches v1.0 With a Home-Centric Recommendation Engine to Connect Home Seekers With One-of-a-Kind Properties

Introducing Rila v1.0, the innovative home discovery app that connects home seekers with amazing properties in a vibrant community where all the listings, photos, videos, and information are crowd-sourced from our passionate and knowledgable users.

Screenshot of the AI matching interface on Rila's platform.

FOR HOME SEEKERS – Whether you’re buying or renting, find your dream home with ease using Rila.

  • Simply like individual posts of spaces in homes you love to train your AI assistant to recommend homes that fit your unique style and preferences.
  • Post what you’re looking for in our Guide section and receive personalized recommendations from the community.
  • Connect with other home seekers and real estate professionals, chat with sellers and other users, and share your discoveries and recommendations with your friends.

FOR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS – Share your listings in a meaningful and personal way – our advanced machine learning models automatically tag and label your listings, making them easy for home seekers to discover through AI automated recommendations.

  • Browse home seekers’ wants and needs in our Guide section and recommend properties that match their goals.
  • Connect with potential buyers and other real estate professionals in a vibrant and engaging community.
  • Join the dynamic and crowd-sourced community of Rila users and discover your perfect home or connect with potential buyers today!