We're building a social marketplace for real estate insights.

We’ve seen first hand how there’s more to closing a deal than just what’s in the black and white listing sheet. There’s a kaleidoscope of triggers that motivate some home seekers to action, and others to pass.

So we embarked on a mission to build the first social platform for real estate discovery that removes the blindspots of home discovery.
Starting with our beta app, we introduced a community of agents and buyers to listings from a new POV in Rila. Our social app for real estate discovery lets people follow the neighborhoods and markets they care about to receive or broadcast listings and updates to help buyers and agents see opportunities from a new angle.
Now, Rila is building a matching engine for the future of real estate discovery. We’re developing the first proprietary classification and matching engine specifically for real estate discovery using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This effort will allow Rila to more deeply understand each property’s unique value, and each home-seekers core drive than any other platform. 
While robots may take over soon, we believe the human-touch is the yin to AI’s yang and that Rila’s ability to extract multi-dimensional user generated data and sentiment will allow us to bring an uncanny home matching engine to the world. 
Join the Rila community today as we continue our mission to change the landscape of how real estate is discovered.