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The Platform to Offer & Bid on Elite Properties

Accelerated matching of real estate auctions to vetted bidders.

How it Works

Simplified Auctions for Speedy Transactions

Engagement and Preparation

We work with you to prepare, optimize, and package your luxury property for maximum interest.

Exposure and Marketing

Leveraging our proprietary app, Rila, your property gets distributed to a global network of high-net-worth individuals.

Effecient Sale Process

Our 60-day auction makes it easy to maintain the value of your property while accelerating the transaction.

Buyer Benefits

Gain Access to World-Class Opportunities

Agent Benefits

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Representing a Seller

Listing agents who bring sellers to auction and successfully close the auction receive their full commission based on the final sale price and agreement with the seller.

Representing a Winning Bidder

Agents who bring bidders to auction, and the property sells to their client, receive their full commission or referral fee based on the final sale price.

Seller Benefits

Transparent Pricing & Quick Timing

Simply put, it can take time to find the right buyer. Luxury properties are difficult to value and sell. If a luxury property does not sell quickly, it will linger on the market upwards of years and sell for a fraction of the original asking price.

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